The Task

We had to design an ultrasonic welding machine which can perform the task of continuous sealing and stroke sealing for non-woven bags of different widths and lengths.

The Solution

We provided two ultrasonic plastic textile welding machines of 1000 watts/20 kHz with 70 millimeters wide titanium horn. The horn had two impressions for continuous sealing on the side. We also provided three ultrasonic textile welding equipment, which uses 1500 watts/20 kilohertz of power for sealing the bottom of the textile roll. We bent about 50 millimeters of roll from both sides at a speed of 40 meters/ minute. We bent from the middle and sealed to make a round tube. We performed stroke welding as per the length of the non-woven bags. Then, we mechanically cut the welded bags and punched holes for putting in the handle.

The Advantages

Ultrasonic welding, as a process of sealing non-woven bags is not only time saving but the end result is leak-proof and aesthetically pleasing.