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High Performance Ultrasonic Transducers


The success of any Ultrasonic technique depends heavily upon the capability of a transducer to function in accordance with a particular application. RTUL is the leading manufacturer of reliable high performance transducers for all ultrasonic applications. RTUL offers one of the most comprehensive selections of ultrasonic transducers that encompass all non-destructive testing and process applications.


Highlights of RTUL transducers:


To cover all applications four distinct series are offered. Each series is characterized by its own unique set of optimum acoustic and electrical parameter. A novel dual damping concept is feature in each transducer type.


The selection and formulation of each transducer undergo strict laboratory criteria of testing and assembly. This has eliminated problems such as weak housing, weak bonding etc. RTUL transducers surpass all other commercially available units in wear and impact resistance and are not only long lasting but also are highly suitable inrugged applications.


For precise location of discontinuities special techniques have been developed that assure perfect alignment of geometric and acoustic centers.


Since a single transducer is not capable of performing a large number of applications, it is imperative that a number of ultrasonic transducers be designed in order to accomplish comprehensive material inspection. RTUL offers three distinct transducers series from 25 KHz to 50 MHZ. Each series is characteristically different from the other, thus suitable for a particular application. Some of the features of these series are given below.

W -Series Probes

W Series represents white frequency: The transducer of this series generate a white frequency signal, and represents high signal to noise ratio, high resolution and narrow initial pulse. W-Series transducers are recommended for thickness gauging and close surface material inspection.

K -Series Probes

K Series stands for characteristic transducers. Transducers of this series have high sensitivity, moderate signal to noise ratio and high penetration. They are tuned to a particular frequency and are suggested for deep material penetration, bulk body defects resolution, shear wave application and investigation of attenuative media.

P -Series Probes

P Series represents Panacea Transducers. P series transducers have response falling between W and K series. They have sensitivity closer to K series and Resolution closer to W Series making them ideal for all general purpose NDT application.


This new series has features like low initial ringing offering better near surface resolution, sharp echoes for higher overall resolution, high signal to noise ratio incoarse material and high reserve gain.


Series Type Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance Bandwidth At 6dB Rise Time Cycles Decay Time Cycles Application
W 1.0 to 30 MHZ ±10% 65 – 100% 1 Instant High Resolution & Thickness Gauging.
P 1.0 to 30 MHZ ±10% 40 – 70% 1-2 2-3 General Purpose
K 1.0 to 15 MHZ ±10% 20 – 60% 2-3 2-4 High Sensitivity
N 0.1to 10 MHZ ±10% 30-100% 2-3 2-3 High Sensitivity High Resolution