Textile Handle Welding


The Task We had to design an ultrasonic welding machine which can perform the task of welding of textile woven bag handles. The Solution We provided our ultrasonic textile handle welding machine which is useful for welding of nylon, PP and HDPE fabric handles which are attached to HDPE or PP woven bags. These bags are manufactured on woven circular looms. The ultrasonic machine is suitable for welding of handles to woven bags of small sizes of up to 10 kilograms load bearing capaci…(Read More)


Continuous Cutting & Sealing of Carpet


The Task To design on ultrasonic Cutting & Sealing machine to cut & seal the carpet. With ultrasound it is possible to cut multi-layered fabrics and to seal them at the same time along the cutting contour. The Solution In This case, the challenge was accomplished by designing a comprehensive system having 3 Ultrasonic assemblies carrying out cutting of the carped and a PLC based control system to control the process effectively. The Advantages Cutting & Sealing in… (Read More)


Continuous & Stroke Sealing


The Task We had to design an ultrasonic welding machine which can perform the task of continuous sealing and stroke sealing for non-woven bags of different widths and lengths. The Solution We provided two ultrasonic plastic textile welding machines of 1000 watts/20 kHz with 70 millimeters wide titanium horn. The horn had two impressions for continuous sealing on the side. We also provided three ultrasonic textile welding equipment, which uses 1500 watts/20 kilohertz of power for se… (Read More)


Ultrasonic Textile Cut & Seal System


The Task We had to design an Ultrasonic Cut & Seal System that can be attached on the Circular looms for centre or side slitting of the PP/HDPE woven fabric having GSM range of 80-270 GSM. The Solution Initially, the client used heat cutters fro cutting and sealing, which leads to formation of blackish Burr and morever, the removal of Burr leads to fraying of tapes. While manufacturing FIBC/Jumbo Bags Burrs are not acceptable. These bags were supplied to Food, Chemical and Phar… (Read More)


Highly Efficient Sealing of Geo-Drain


The Task To design an ultrasonic sealing system to seal outer layer of geo-drain which is a non woven filtration layer. Geo-drain are widely used in the water drainage system that provides efficient removal of excess moisture and protects the drainage system from clogging and damage. The Solution In this case, the task was completed by providing an entire system which includes winder to locate the non woven filtration layer, folding arrangement that folds the layer, continuous seal… (Read More)