ULTRASCREEN deblinding attachment facilitates in improving/increasing output, efficiency in powder sieving through vibroscreens. Due to increased through-put process speed can also be increased and cost of vibroscreens, spares, labour, power can be reduced.

Conventional sieving technology is based on a vibrational / wave motion of the sieve which is responsible for the sieve throughput as well as the separation of oversized material. In addition to the conventional method, ULTRASCREEN Ultrasonic Supported Sieving Technology evenly transmits as oscillating motion, in the micron range, onto the screen surface and reduces friction between the sieve mesh and bulk material.
Depending upon the particle structure this reduction can result in a significant increase in throughput volume. Screen blinding and clogging are also reduced due to the cleaning effect the oscillating motion has on the sieve mesh.
ULTRASCREEN can be applied to both wet and dry sieving applications.
Promotes destruction of agglomerates, providing higher yield and reduction of the oversize particle fraction. Screen mesh can be installed and clamped in the screen frame(with its built-in screen resonator)by the user. Can be retrofitted to every vibration or wobble screening machine.

ULTRASCREEN ATTACHMENT System is suitable for various frame shapes and sizes. Special systems that meet the specifications of the pharmaceutical and other special applications are also available.