High Accuracy Pulsar Receiver
The Microprocessor Based Ultrasonic Pulsar Receiver Model MHF-400 & MHE-900 are compatible with other Ultrasonic Instrumentation and allow great flexibility when configuring system for high frequency application or for attenuative materials. Front panel soft touch key pad allows operator to choose various parameters for precise setting. Large Alfa-numeric display allows operator to view all parameter. Gain adjustment and damping, required more frequently can be adjusted with separate knobs provided on front panel.

Various outputs like RF, SYNC, Window, Gate, Etc are available through BNC Connector. These equipment are compatible with PC & bi-directional data transfer is possible through RS 232 connector provided on rear panel. High Frequency Pulsar Receiver MHF-400 is suitable for application requiring high frequency probe, such as thin section examination, or very small defect detection. High Energy Pulsar Receiver MHE-900 is suitable for attenuative materials like concrete, stone, plastic, rubber, etc