The Task

To design an ultrasonic sealing system to seal outer layer of geo-drain which is a non woven filtration layer. Geo-drain are widely used in the water drainage system that provides efficient removal of excess moisture and protects the drainage system from clogging and damage.

The Solution

In this case, the task was completed by providing an entire system which includes winder to locate the non woven filtration layer, folding arrangement that folds the layer, continuous sealing attachment which seals ends of the non woven layer, and transport mechanism to move sealed non woven filtration layer over the unwinder roller. The sealing speed of the system is 5 to 20 m/min and the sealing width is 100m.

The Advantages

  • Prevents the non-woven material from fraying
  • Economical and efficient system
  • Short cycle time (Continuous production)
  • Leak proof ultrasonic joint