Textile & Packaging

We Cut & Seal With Precision

Ultrasonic energy has found extensive use in cutting of textiles, woven sacks/plastic etc and their downstream processing. Many of these uses are based on the ability to use ultrasonic energy to induce heat and pressure by vibratory action. The use of ultrasonic Cut n Seal technology makes manufacturing of non-wovens and wovens, economical and process-safe and our customers from the medical, packaging, fabrics and engineering industry value it tremendously.

With our ultrasonic cutting and sealing technology, we are able to separate precisely and expeditiously, and weld edges in a refined and reliable way. The principal advantage of the ultrasonic seal and cut method is that the edge of the textile material, while being cut simultaneously, is sealed by the dissipation of ultrasonic energy, thereby preventing the presence of a frayed edge or the unraveling of threads, no discoloration of fabric and very strong, uniform, smooth, clean and long lasting edges without over thickness with low energy consumption. Roop Ultrasonix Ltd. manufacture a superior range of ultrasonic cutting and sealing systems that offer effective sealing with optimal functionality. These products are recognized for their efficient operation and reliability.